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Understand Your Training


Summit Multisport provides body composition and lactate threshold testing. Our services are built to provide you with answers. State of the art, simple to use devices are used to conduct body measures specific to you. That's right, your heart, your lungs, your muscles, your body are yours and different from your friend, your spouse , and your training partner.

You change too...season to season, year to year (i.e. big event, time off, injury, baby, new job, you name it!). Our testing can help you make sense of your body. With more understanding of you, decision making becomes smarter and goals are more attainable. Are you ready?


Rick Slawinski is a USA Triathlon (USAT) Level 1 and USAT Youth and Junior certified coach with nearly a decade of coaching experience, including coaching The Ohio State University Triathlon Club. He has over 20 years of competitive experience in high school and collegiate track and cross country (The Ohio State University), road racing, cycling (OSU, Bike Source), and triathlon. Racing triathlon since 2002, Rick has qualified for USAT Age Group Nationals three times, 2010 World Championships and competes among the top athletes in Ohio and across the country but his most proud moments come from being husband to Michelle and dad to Nicholas.


Michelle Slawinski is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist who works in pediatrics where she lives in Columbus, Ohio with her wonderful husband, Rick and lovely little boy, Nicholas. Michelle studied exercise science at The Ohio State University, earning her Bachelor’s (2007) and Master’s (2010) degrees. In her Master’s Thesis, Michelle performed swimming lactate and oxygen consumption measures on long distance swimmers and Ironman Triathletes. She has been a member of triathlon teams at The Ohio State University and Queensland University in Brisbane, Australia. Currently, she participates in community triathlons, ½ marathons, and loves her run group. Athletic career highlights include Alcatraz Triathlon (2007), Team USA Long Course World Championship (2007), Boston Marathon (2014), and the day to day race of keeping up with Nicholas!

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